Tech Tip – Ball Weight

Our previous tech tip talked about definitions so in this tech tip we want to focus on one of those definitions in particular; Tow Ball Weight.

Tow Ball Weight or Ball Weight as it is more commonly described is the weight added to the tow ball of your vehicle by your van when hitched. It is very important to understand the maximum load on the ball your car is capable of carrying. The vehicle manufacturer specifies the maximum load and it is illegal to exceed this specification.

So, to demonstrate how the load can affect your tow ball weight we positioned a Lifestyle AT12 Narrow Body on digital scales under the hitch the display the tow ball weight. Throughout the video (as displayed above), one of our senior staff members assisted by moving to various places across the van to represent the ‘load’ and to demonstrate how the placement of your load can significantly affect your tow ball weight.

As we have demonstrated throughout the tech tip video it is amazing how by moving your load how much impact both positive and negative it has on the ball weight.

Remember! Balancing your load to ensure you are legal when loaded on the ball and the ATM of the van is a very important consideration.