Tech Tip – More on interchangeability

A common request is to achieve wheel interchangeability between your car and caravan. It is important to ensure that the right research is done to ensure the tyres on your car will allow interchangeability.

All motor vehicles have 4 wheels and tyres and the weight of the vehicle is shared across the 4 wheels and tyres. Caravans and camper trailers often only have 2 wheels and tyres so it is important to ensure that your tyres can support the plated ATM of your trailer. We recommend you do your homework and this Tech Tip video shows you how to do it.

All the information you will need is found on the sidewall of the tyre close to the rim. Each number has a different meaning, watch the video above to learn what each number means. Also, find below the charts that are seen and referenced throughout this Tech Tip Video.