Tech Tips – Wiring Plugs

We often get asked by our customers about wiring a trailer plug, specifically they would like to know what do the colours of the wires mean and where do they go on the plug. In this Tech Tip video I run you through which wires go where.

While there are a number of different plug shapes and sizes available all plugs are numbered at the place that you attach the wire. In this Tech Tip video we look at the very popular 7-pin flat plug. So, let’s have a look at where the wires go and what they operate.

Number on PlugOperationWire Colour
1Left Hand TurnYellow
2Reversing SignalBlack
3Earth ReturnWhite
4Right Hand TurnGreen
5Service BreaksBlue
6Stop LampsRed
7Rear Lamps, Clearance & Side MarkersBrown

As a point of interest, a 7-pin flat and a 7-pin round have the same colored wires going into the same numbered terminal so if you follow the colors and the numbers you will always wire the plug correctly.