Lifestyle Workshop Electrical & Solar

12v & Solar

Looking to go off grid or take advantage of the many beautiful free campsites our scenic country has to offer? Then you’ll need to consider a suitable, reliable energy source that allows you to efficiently and effectively power your camping appliances, accessories, air cons and fridges regardless of where you are.
Every owner as well as every Camper Trailer, Hypercamper or Caravan have different power needs depending on the style of camping and accessories installed. The Lifestyle RV Workshop offers a range of 12v & solar solutions from repairing or upgrading your existing 12v setup to installation and maintenance of a range of solar systems.

You’ll need to consider the amp hour capacity you require, the DC charging system and the period of time you’ll be without mains power.

So, talk to our experienced team about the best batteries, battery management systems, regulators/controllers, inverters and solar or 12v setup that you’ll need to meet your power requirements.

TV & Audio

At the Lifestyle RV Workshop, we stock a wide range of quality, trusted TV & Audio products designed specifically to withstand the bumps and vibration caused during travel as well as the harsh weather conditions of the Australian outdoors.
From built in DVD players to to Full HD LED screens and Smart TVs, we have a TV to suit any size, function and feature you require from an entertainment system.
The Lifestyle RV Workshop team can also set you up with the best audio products on the market to suit your indoor or outdoor audio needs.