Lifestyle Workshop Suspension, Chassis & ATM Upgrades


Just like your tow vehicle, the suspension in your Camper Trailer, Hypercamper or Caravan is critically important to ensure not only a smooth ride, but a safe one too. Even though we know that everything is riding on the suspension and chassis, the importance of keeping these components in top condition is often overlooked. 

A good, well-maintained suspension will absorb the uneven and changing road conditions while also reducing the stress on the trailer itself, and its contents. It will also improve cornering and keep your van or trailer more stable on the road.

Off-road caravans have a bit more work to do than on-road versions. Spending more time on rough road surfaces and changing terrain means a higher risk of damage to componentry from foreign objects such as sticks and rocks, so durability is a must. Your suspension also needs to provide good ground clearance so you’re able to get your Camper Trailer, Hypercamper or Caravan into and out of difficult spots.

Choosing the right suspension

Choosing the right suspension for your towing needs will depend on a number of factors such as:

Wheel or rim rating
Tyre rating or capacity
Current Tare mass of your trailer
Load carrying capacity required (including water, batteries, food, drink, clothes, generator, chainsaw, tools etc.) These things can add up to more than you think.
Chassis strength, including drawbar and cross member placement
Coupling capacity
Rating of up graded suspension
Intended use

The team at the Lifestyle RV Workshop are well experienced in this area and will work closely with you to find a solution that delivers optimal towing comfort as well as safety.

ATM Upgrades

The weight of your Camper Trailer, Hypercamper or Caravan is something you need to be acutely aware of not just for legal purposes but for safety and insurance reasons too.
Without realising it, your van may be over its legal weight simply from over packing, incorrect weight stamping on the compliance plate, the addition of aftermarket accessories or having water in your tanks.


There are five caravan weights that you need to be aware of as an owner:
Tare Mass (TM)
This is how much the caravan weighs when empty from the factory without any aftermarket accessories. It is measured with water tanks and gas bottles empty and possibly without spare tyres.
Gross Trailer Mass (GTM)
This is the maximum weight that can legally be imposed on the Camper Trailer, Hypercamper or Caravan wheels and tyres when fully loaded.
Ball Mass (BM)
This is the actual downforce exerted on the tow ball of the tow vehicle.
Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM)
This is the Camper Trailer, Hypercamper or Caravan’s maximum legal weight when fully loaded and must not be greater than the chassis capacity. It equals the sum of the GTM and the BM.
This is the difference between the ATM and the TM and is the amount of weight that can be added to the caravan. It includes things like water, gas, food, clothing and other personal items, camping and cooking gear, bedding, computing and entertainment equipment and any accessories that were fitted after the factory. Talk to us about the suitable payload for your Camper Trailer, Hypercamper or Caravan.

This might all sound very complicated but it’s not. Simply book your van in for an assessment, tell us what you need, and we’ll find a suitable solution for you.