Lifestyle Workshop Water Storage

Water Storage

Adequate water storage is a must for all Camper Trailer, Hypercamper or Caravan owners. Having the ability to carry large quantities of fresh water or draw it out of a river is not only convenient but it’ll allow you to venture into more remote areas or take advantage of free campsites knowing you have plenty of potable water at hand.
This being said, you’ll need to consider your water usage/storage needs (i.e. drinking or grey water), the quantities required, the available installation space on your Lifestyle as well as the additional weight it can add to your ATM.
At the Lifestyle RV Workshop, we’ll work with you to personalise and plumb a water system that you can be confident will meet your needs and budget. From tanks to pumps, fillers and accumulators – we stock it all. And if we don’t, then we’ll order it in for you.