Lifestyle Workshop Insurance Repairs

General Insurance Repairs

At the Lifestyle RV Workshop, we understand that damage to your Camper Trailer, Hypercamper or Caravan can happen. Be it an unfortunate accident, or damage caused by hail, fire, storm, flood or impact the situation is always stressful and overwhelming for those involved.

But rest assured that the highly experienced and skilled Lifestyle RV Workshop team will work to get you safely back on the road as fast as we can, with no hassle and as little inconvenience as possible. From minor hail damage to complete rebuilds, we do it all. No job is too big or too small for our dedicated team of professionals.

The Lifestyle RV Workshop performs insurance repairs for many of the major insurance companies who trust us to deliver a quality service that repairs the damage correctly the first time around and within budget.

We perform insurance work, for all minor and major claims, across all models of Camper Trailers, Hypercampers or Caravans.

Hail Damage

All Camper Trailers, Hypercampers & Caravans are vulnerable to indent damage during a hail storm, regardless of the size of the hail. While hail damage doesn’t generally cause structural problems, the aesthetic components of your Lifestyle and future resale value can be considerably affected.

Hail repair work at the Lifestyle RV Workshop can include the simple removal of minor dents or the replacement of the more significantly affected panels and fittings (such as windows and vents), re-sheeting and finally – replacing and industrially sealing all fixtures. We can also order in and apply replacement decals if required.

Our dedicated team of professionals will have you and your Camper Trailer, Hypercamper or Caravan spruced up and ready to go as quickly as we can, so you can spend more time on the road than off of it.

Insurance Repairs

The Lifestyle RV Workshop also specialise in insurance repairs. We are a well-respected and recognised repairer for major insurance companies and are here to assist in guiding you through the claim and repair process when you need us.